Fortnite player demonstrates why Black Superhero skins are “pay-to-win” in Chapter 2

The “pay-to-win” debate is back in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5, as a Reddit user figured out how to camouflage a character in-game.

Epic Games tries its best to provide the Fortnite community with exclusive outfit designs each season. Although, some of these outfits have the same color pattern as the terrain of the Fortnite map. While this creates an illusion for the opponents, it is a brilliant tactic to use in Fortnite.

To get outfits that match the terrain, gamers will need to spend some V-Bucks, which is where the pay-to-win debate begins in Fortnite.

Reddit user u/PricyToaster posted an image that vivifies how some of these outfits deserve to be removed from Fortnite. 

Customized black superhero outfits are pay-to-win in Fortnite

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Despite Epic Games’ best efforts, there is always a “pay-to-win” element ruining the essence of Fortnite. While outfits are not supposed to provide any tactical advantage, some allow players to conceal themselves with the terrain in the Fortnite map.

The image posted on Reddit shows that a player is hiding at the corner of a room, almost invisible, thanks to the black outfit that merges with the shadow. The image is convincing enough as (without the red circle) players wouldn’t be able to identify this camper’s location in Fortnite. 

One may ask, what makes a Fortnite skin “pay-to-win”? Having an outfit that blends right in with shadows, grass, buildings, structures, water surface – makes it pay to win. This is quite evidently displayed with the Reddit post. 

The visual advantage a player gets from this can be decisive in a battle royale game like Fortnite. Opponents can camp out the entire match at the same spot, simply by blending in with the environment. 

Naturally, players criticized Epic’s “no tactical advantage” policy with outfit designs in Fortnite. Here is how Reddit users responded to the pay-to-win outfit in Fortnite.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

u/igual88 mentioned that the purple toxin outfit blends with the environment during night hours in Fortnite. However, black outfits are way too dark, and they merge with the shadows. This makes them the most pay-to-win outfits in Fortnite. 

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

u/itzMeDez quoted a line which Epic mentions about cosmetics in Fortnite. Apparently, these grant no tactical advantage in-game. Although, the image speaks for itself and clearly makes a huge difference to own such pay-to-win skins in Fortnite.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

u/BuzzLightyearOP mentioned that several players follow a camping gameplay strategy. Outfits like these are perfect for those gamers as it confuses the opponents. 

Several gamers also mentioned the Toy Soldier outfit in Fortnite and how it was a pay-to-win skin. The outfit in the image is from the heroes customization set from Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4. Here, players could change every feature’s color in the outfit to gain a tactical advantage.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

u/da7GR mentioned the Silver Surfer outfit from Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 and the Nutcracker outfit from this season. Gamers could camp in multiple spots without being noticed with these outfits in Fortnite. 

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

While several mentioned on Reddit that gamers should increase the brightness on their devices to see properly, others pointed out that this isn’t the developers’ fault. Certain elements in the game cannot be changed without an all-encompassing rework. 

For instance, there is no way developers can “nerf a pigment.” The most they can do is add another contrasting tone to the environment that would make the outfit stand out. However, that doesn’t discredit the fact that black customized superhero outfits in Fortnite are pay-to-win. 

Previously, numerous popular content creators like LazarBeam and SypherPK demonstrated how some of the outfits in Fortnite are “pay-to-win.” 

Ideally, Epic Games will implement some changes to differentiate between black outfits from shadows and dark terrain in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5.  

Published 07 Jan 2021, 18:21 IST

Source: Sportskeeda

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