WWE RAW – Best and worst

Listen, we cannot judge WWE RAW by the usual parameters that we employ every single week because of the setbacks that WWE suffered. Moments before WWE RAW went on air, we learned that the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre was suffering from Covid-19, the affliction that is plaguing the world at the moment.

We do hope that Drew McIntyre and anyone else in the WWE RAW roster that may have been exposed to the virus recover soon. Yes, it’s fun to pick out the best and worst from WWE RAW, but let’s remember that these are actual human beings at the end of the day, with real-life problems like us.

So yes, this wasn’t the best episode of WWE RAW, but it’s also commendable to see how the men and women stepped up when dire circumstances hit. It’s been a difficult year for the company, putting on a show without fans, but the roster hasn’t faltered at all.

With that said, here’s the ‘best and worst’ from this week’s show.

#1 Best: Alexa Bliss returns to WWE RAW, in the main event

Alexa Bliss is back on WWE RAW and whether you were a fan of her fireball gimmick or not, it’s great to see her renew her feud with Randy Orton. It just felt like when she was written off for a week, following the cliffhanger with Randy Orton, the story lost a lot of the momentum that it originally had.

We are just counting down the days until Bray Wyatt makes a return to the WWE RAW roster, and it will be interesting to see how he’s portrayed, considering that he was set on fire by Randy Orton.

Was Randy Orton burned to a crisp as well, following the fireball attack on WWE RAW this week? Will he seek revenge against Alexa Bliss?

Published 12 Jan 2021, 10:50 IST

Source: Sportskeeda

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