Twitch streamer “DelayLamy” gets pushed off a bus in Russia

A shocking clip has surfaced online recently, where a female Twitch streamer “DelayLamy” was seen getting pushed off a bus by a disgruntled passenger.

Over the course of the 20-second clip, DelayLamy can be seen hosting an IRL stream inside a bus. As she readies herself to get off at her stop, a passenger kicks out at her for no apparent reason.

Things escalate suddenly, and she retaliates before the passenger negligently shoves her out of the bus.

The passenger pushes the Twitch streamer out of a bus.

The streamer was ready to seat herself before interacting with a middle-aged Russian woman. The woman seemed to take offense for unknown reasons. The two had a heated exchange in Russian.

With the help of subtitles, one can understand the situation better. It was revealed that the passenger kicked out at the streamer for apparently paying more attention to her phone than her surroundings.

“Maybe watch your feet instead of your smartphone screen?” said the Russian woman.

The streamer retaliates by saying that she’s not blind and pays attention, only for the passenger to rebuke her instantly.

As the streamer readied herself to get out of the bus, the woman shockingly shoves the streamer out of the bus. Fortunately, the streamer did suffer any injuries in the process.

She can be heard protesting.

“Take your hands off me! What the hell, are you out of your mind? “

DelayLamy is a Russian Twitch streamer with around 47K followers on the Amazon-owned platform.

Apart from hosting IRL streams, she also tries her hand at games such as The Evil Within 2 and GTA V.

In today’s streaming era, IRL streams have become immensely popular, with several streamers trying their hands at it on Twitch.

However, these streams involve the risk of triggering external elements and have often resulted in unpleasant situations for several streamers, such as the incident above. Thankfully, the Twitch streamer emerged unscathed.

Published 07 Jan 2021, 17:57 IST

Source: Sportskeeda

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