Sykkuno doesn’t know who Halsey is, wins over Twitter with his innocence

Sykkuno seems to be unaware of trending artists in the US because the amount of confusion that he displayed when questioned about Halsey is too genuine not to believe.

During a Rust game stream involving Corpse Husband, Jacksepticeye, and Sykkuno, Corpse mentioned that Halsey sent him a text. He then noted that she probably wouldn’t be interested in an intoxicated game of Among Us, a statement which Jack commented on, but Sykkuno ignored. Sykkuno was very focused on the task at hand.

Then the chat informed Sykkuno of the revelation that Corpse is so close to Halsey that they text. Sykkuno’s reaction is immediate, “Halsey..? What’s–what’s Halsey mean? Is that the name of the tank?” because he is still so very focused on what the group is working on.

He goes on to acknowledge that he has not been paying attention to the conversation between Corpse and Jack and states, “I have no idea what’s happening but…” before moving on.

What’s even better is that Sykkuno didn’t even know that he probably should know who she is. He just stayed entirely too focused on the game and went back and forth with his chat, “What? I’m so confused, what’s that mean? What’s… I’m very confused but I think I need more radiation resistance…” And just went on playing the game as if Halsey was just a fun tidbit about Rust that he had not known prior.

It seems that Sykunno’s fans have not faulted him for not knowing who Halsey is, as seen in a Twitter storm of affection for the streamer’s lack of western pop culture knowledge.

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Sykkuno is going to be drunk playing Among Us with Corpse and the gang

The news of Halsey is only mentioned because Sykkuno had recently been asked by Corpse to play Among Us drunk with a few friends, to which he agreed. Inviting Halsey might be a very interesting twist to things and if Sykkuno didn’t know who Halsey was before, he would soon after.

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Published 11 Jan 2021, 00:03 IST

Source: Sportskeeda

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