Minecraft players react as Dream’s speedrun record is removed following cheating scandal

Many popular Minecraft players have reacted to the cheating scandal involving Minecraft YouTuber Clay “Dream” after his speedrun was removed from the official leaderboard.

The decision comes after a 29-page investigation report by the Minecraft speedrunning team. The team concluded that part of Dream’s “incredibly lucky” speedrun was due to a modified game code. Although Dream has categorically denied these allegations, the record has been removed from the official leaderboards.

Dream is used to defying the odds when it comes to Minecraft, but the Minecraft investigative team felt that this was a step too far.

Minecraft players react as Dream’s speedrun record is removed following cheating scandal

Most Minecraft players and enthusiasts appear to be convinced that a modified game code assisted at least part of Dream’s speedruns. Dream shouldn’t be surprised by this reaction as he’s alluded to partaking in some improper acts in the past.

Dream’s often made videos explaining how he would submit fake “speedruns” to the Minecraft team without getting caught.

Fan have also argued that Dream’s speedrun is a mathematical anomaly. This investigation might provide some confirmation for the same.

Image via Twitter trends
Image via Twitter trends

The best opportunity in Minecraft to get one of the two items in question is via a barter with piglins for gold ingots. However, even that gives players only a 5% chance of getting the item.

Image via Twitter Trends
Image via Twitter Trends

While mathematical odds can be defied to an extent, Dream got the item 42 out of 262 times, and 211 of his overall mob kills got him the second item in question.

The Minecraft Investigative team has now deemed it impossible for Dream to break the odds so frequently.

Famous mathematician Robert Houston also weighed into the debate. He was impressed to witness so many 13-year old Minecraft players get literate in “statistics.”

Overall, it appears that the internet is convinced that Dream has cheated, despite his rejection of the allegations.

Published 09 Jan 2021, 15:54 IST

Source: Sportskeeda

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