#MarkiplierIsReal trends online in honor of his latest video

It turns out, Markiplier is real. After about a week hiatus from the usual YouTube videos that fans expect, Markiplier uploaded a very brief video informing his viewers that he’s real.

In the short video that Markiplier uploaded, he ended the week-long joke that he wasn’t real. The video opens up with Markiplier in the camera, and he says:

“Hi. I am real, after all. You’ve solved the mystery. Also, I’m done with my writing week. Thanks for giving me a week to do it. And I got a lot done, a lot of breakthroughs. But now I’m back to making videos.”

The very brief clip ends there as he says bye to the viewers.

Markiplier is real and the reason for the week long “mystery”

#Markiplierisreal has begun to trend because he has built up the gag for the past week. It all started seven days ago when he uploaded a different brief clip similar to the one from today. However, the initial clip a week ago set the mystery in motion.

It was titled “Markiplier Isn’t Real”, and Markiplier used the video to explain his upcoming absence from YouTube content. In the video, he said:

“Hey guys, I’m going to be out this week because I need to focus all my attention on writing this special project that you’re going to see later this year.”

He explained right away that he’d be stepping away, but viewers still don’t have complete confirmation on what the project is. After announcing his brief break from making videos to write, Markiplier said:

“But that’s ok because I was actually never real, to begin with.”

The video cut to static after, and a “video unavailable” screen popped up as Markiplier disappears. For the week after, Markiplier uploaded a new video almost every day for a total of five videos. However, Markiplier wasn’t in the videos himself or making his usual content.

Each video was a confession from different people about whether or not Markiplier was real and whether they had any evidence for why.

Markiplier’s video today finally ends the mystery, and all his viewers know he’s real again. Of course, the whole thing was a joke, but it was a clever way to fill up a hiatus while he worked on a writing week.

Published 12 Jan 2021, 05:51 IST

Source: Sportskeeda

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