Eddie Kingston opens up about the 2020 SI list and his time in AEW so far

While hardcore wrestling fans knew who he was, the name Eddie Kingston has really blown up in mainstream wrestling since he signed with AEW.

AEW’s Mad King made such an impact on the industry this year that he placed on the top 10 wrestler list of 2020 from Sports Illustrated. Kingston was a guest on Renee Paquette’s podcast, Oral Sessions, today, and talked about many subjects. 

When the subject of the Sports Illustrated list, which only featured three AEW wrestlers, came up, Kingston, while humbled by the honor, wished he placed higher.

“That’s mind-blowing. It’s humbling, the competitor in me, though, is like ‘Why shouldn’t I be top five?’ But that’s just me being a competitor. I’m humbled by it. I don’t know…I always want more. But yeah, that’s why I’m still doing this for 19 years. If I didn’t have that drive I would have quit after the first day I didn’t get paid by a promoter.”

It’s apparent that Kingston’s work ethic in the profession for as long as he has brought him to this point. Never being satisfied with his spot in the business got The Mad King to AEW in the first place, and he still wants more.

“I’m not the top guy there” – Eddie Kingston on his time in AEW so far

When speaking to Paquette about his time in AEW so far, Kingston discussed whether he anticipated catching on like wildfire as he has so far.

“No, because I don’t even feel like it’s caught on the wildfire yet. I don’t know. I’m not the top guy there. You know what I mean, It’s just a weird mindset I have. Yes, I’m excited It took me off guard but I still don’t feel like it’s crazy. If I would have finished 2020 main eventing the last Dynamite or something, you know what I mean? With Jon or with Kenny and then I’d be like, okay! I hate when I do this. Because then people like always not humble he’s not appreciative. No, I am. I just always want more before I’m done. Lord knows how long I’m gonna be doing this.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Oral Sessions with a h/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.

Published 13 Jan 2021, 05:18 IST

Source: Sportskeeda

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