Best moveset for Emboar in Pokemon GO

Emboar is a dual Fighting and Fire type in Pokemon GO. It’s not a top-tier pick for battles, but with the right move set, Emboar can still hold its own on a team.

There are three types that Emboar can choose from out of all of the available moves. Those types include Fighting and Fire, which are the main ones, and one Rock type charged attack. For the best move set on Emboar, the focus will remain on Fighting type moves.

Low Kick is what should be used or a fast attack, and Focus Blast should be selected for a charged attack. The two moves together give Emboar the highest DPS out of any of its move set combos. If players did want to gain a Fire type advantage for a team, then Low Kick could be swapped out for Ember instead, while Focus Blast should remain as the charged attack.

The move set for PvP Battles and Gym battles should essentially remain the same. A Low Kick and Focus Blast combo will give Emboar the highest DPS output for any type of battle.

Emboar matchups and other options in Pokemon GO

When in battles, whether they are PvE or PvP, Emboar needs to be wary of a few different types. Those include Flying, Ground, Psychic, and Water. Each of those types will do an extra 160% damage to Emboar in Pokemon GO, so players should watch out for those counters.

Many of the best counters to Emboar will include Pokemon such as Mewtwo or Alakazam, who are both Psychic types. Psychic is the perfect counter to Emboar as neither one of its types are strong against Pyschic and that type also has a large boost against Emboar in Pokemon GO.

On the other hand, Emboar does have a decent amount of strengths to look at against a plethora of other types. Strong match ups include battles against Ice, Grass, Dark, Steel and Bug, with Fire being the last neutral option.

Emboar has resistances to those match ups and the move set chosen will dictate how much damage is done. Regardless of whether there is Fire or all Fighting in the move set, Emboar has a good chance against the listed types.

Another Pokemon that can fight similar to Emboar in Pokemon GO is Blaziken, who is also a Fire and Fighting type. The difference though is Blaziken’s highest dps move set includes a Fire charged attack, which may win over some Pokemon GO players instead.

Published 12 Jan 2021, 00:20 IST

Source: Sportskeeda

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