Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy location in Season 5

With the introduction of the Fortnite Predator Challenges, players will need to meet NPCs like Beef Boss for this week’s challenge. Epic Games has given players a glimpse of the new hunter that is to come to the island.

To complete these challenges, players will need to meet Beef Boss, Dummy, and Remedy at certain locations in Fortnite. Completing these challenges will grant players some free rewards.

Fortnite Predator Challenges: Where is Beef Boss located in Fortnite Season 5

Beef Boss isn’t hard to find in Fortnite. This NPC can be found near the Durr Burger food truck in Fortnite. Talking to Beef Boss will help players advance in the Fortnite Predator Challenge. Although the location isn’t marked on the map, finding the food truck isn’t that difficult. It’s located close to the Stealthy Stronghold.

Image via Fortnite Insider
Image via Fortnite Insider

Fortnite Predator Challenge: Where is Dummy located in Fortnite

Image via Fortnite Insider
Image via Fortnite Insider

As a part of the Fortnite Predator Challenge, players have to meet Dummy as well. Players can encounter Dummy directly north of Pleasant Park. This location is closer to the Durr Burger truck, though. Talking to Dummy would help players advance in this challenge as well.

Fortnite Predator Challenge: Where is Remedy located in Fortnite

Image via Fortnite Insider
Image via Fortnite Insider

Remedy is the last NPC that players are required to meet in Fortnite. She can be found at the house on the hill north-east to Pleasant Park. Talking to Remedy will help complete the Fortnite Predator Challenge.

These are a new set of NPC related challenges in Fortnite. The Predator skin isn’t in the game files yet, so it’s difficult to say how it looks at this point, but the skin will arrive in the game soon.

The Predator crossover in Fortnite has been teased for a while. Many players also mistook the Predator crossover to be a Jurassic Park crossover. Apparently, the enclosure in the stealthy stronghold looked like a dinosaur enclosure from the last Jurassic Park movie.

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